Keynote Speaker

Chief Economist and Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Michael Schwarz

Keynote Title: Carpooling and the Economics of Self-Driving Cars 

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Michael Schwarz is Chief Economist and Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. Michael joined Microsoft in 2017. This is not the first time Michael is in the chief economist role. Before joining Microsoft, Michael worked at Google in various roles. Most recently he was the Chief Economist for Google Cloud. Prior to that he led the team that built a carpooling marketplace that was fully launched in Israel (Waze Carpool). Subsequently Michael became the Chief Scientist for Waze. Before his five year long tenure at Google, Michael was the head of the economics research unit at Yahoo! He played a critical role in designing Yahoo! ad marketplaces. His most externally visible project at Yahoo! was developing algorithms for setting optimal reserve prices for search advertising auctions, which had significant impact on overall company earnings. Michael started his professional life as a faculty member at Harvard University’s Economics Department. Michael holds a PhD from Stanford Graduate School of Business.